3 Simple Ways Your Business Can Handle Negative Online Reviews

Someone somewhere is talking about your business right now – for better or worse. When researching a company, the majority of people tend to believe online feedback — particularly negative reviews even if the information is completely false — as well as the number of stars given and word-of-mouth over anything a business says. In […]

New Orleans Valentine’s Day Cards – #NolaVDay

  Holidays are different in New Orleans, and Valentine’s Day is no exception. Inspired by recent news and overall city culture, our New Orleans Valentine eCards help you share your NOLA love with friends you deem worthy. Simply save your favorite cards to your computer’s desktop or phone, and then post them to a friend’s […]

10-Point Holiday Marketing Checklist For Your Business

10-Step Checklist: Holiday Marketing For Your Business

  Is your business ready for the holidays? If you haven’t started thinking about how your business can drive sales and engagement this holiday season or just need a few tips, we’ve put together a brief checklist to help with your holiday marketing.   First, consider what your goals are for the holiday season:• Sales […]

“20 Businesses in 20 Days” Launches During New Orleans Entrepreneur Week

Free Initiative Underway To Help Local Entrepreneurs Develop Marketing Strategy (New Orleans) – In honor of this year’s New Orleans Entrepreneur Week, a new business mentorship program called “20/20” launched today, March 24th, to empower as many as 20 local start-ups or businesses over 20 days by providing free assistance with developing marketing strategy. The […]

Autoplay Video Facebook Ads Begin Rollout

If you’ve ever been frustrated using the text and image Facebook ads platform, prepare for greater possibilities by its evolution. The company announced recently that its long awaited autoplay video ads will be introduced to user newsfeeds over the next few months, offering advertisers a new method to reach customers in a potentially more effective […]