New Orleans Valentine’s Day Cards – #NolaVDay

  Holidays are different in New Orleans, and Valentine’s Day is no exception. Inspired by recent news and overall city culture, our New Orleans Valentine eCards help you share your NOLA love with friends you deem worthy. Simply save your favorite cards to your computer’s desktop or phone, and then post them to a friend’s […]


What if All Businesses were from New Orleans?

New Orleans is as unique a brand as you will find anywhere. But what if that spirit found its way into the taglines of some of the world’s biggest companies? Look below to see what we imagine their taglines would look like if some major companies were born in New Orleans. What’s your favorite? Let […]

Is This Strange Russian Ad With a Man Drowning the Perfect Metaphor for Social Media?

Strange Russian ad with a drowning man nails social media

If you saw a man drowning on social media, would you save him? That’s the metaphor at the heart of this bizarre ad for Mainpeople, a new Russian app designed to make charity more central to social media… Read more. Click the CC button for English subtitles.

Facebook year in review 2014

Facebook Reveals 2014’s Most Talked About Topics

What was everyone talking about the most in 2014? Thanks to Facebook’s new Year in Review website, that answer is now easier than ever to find. As part of its 2014 wrap-up, Facebook has revealed the year’s most-mentioned movies, TV shows, songs and entertainers, among other topics, via top-10 lists. These top-10 lists were created […]

Social Media Trend: NekNominations Will Make You Drink Beer From A Toilet

If you haven’t heard about the latest viral craze, get ready to slap your head. College and high school kids across the world are recording videos of themselves performing what is called #NekNominations. What is NekNominations? NekNominations are a sort of virtual hazing between friends that got its kick off in Australia a few years […]