15 of The Most Memorable Ads in New Orleans


Old TV with The Special ManEvery business wants its name to be top of mind with consumers, and some strike marketing gold by creating simple slogans, jingles, or ads that resonate with the public — sometimes against all logic.

Below are just a few of the most memorable ads in New Orleans, some older, some newer, and not in any particular order.

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See The Special Man – Frankie & Johnny’s Furniture

If you’re from New Orleans, you love this ad “with noooo problem.”

18-25 – Rosenberg’s

You may have never been to Rosenberg’s, but if you’re from New Orleans you will always know where it could be found.

Taste The Difference – McKenzie’s

It’s said that the way to a person’s heart is through his or her stomach… and McKenzie’s filled both with joy. If a business could be royalty, then this beloved bakery was king of the Crescent City.

1826 North Broad – Seafood City

They may not have won any Academy Awards, but Seafood City’s whimsical commercials and hand-waving sign-off won the hearts of locals.

Great Work of Art – Aucoin Hart

From the consistent background music to the signature slogan at the end, generations of locals have known Aucoin Hart as a landmark in the local jewelry industry.

Save You Money – Michael Hebert Furniture

Money doesn’t grow on trees, but Michael Hebert sure made it seem that way with his all-too-familiar way of “making it rain.”

One Love – Raising Cane’s

Cane’s has come on strong nationally since its humble beginnings with founder Todd Graves in Baton Rouge and just about everyone has that bark in mind after hearing their slogan.

One Call – Morris Bart

Another attorney, Morris Bart himself may not take many cases anymore but his law firm is more than alive and well as one of the most remembered and easily recalled in the region.

Love that Chicken – Popeyes

The chicken that started a local love-fare and a national craze has been on the minds of New Orleanians since the day the chain opened its doors as has this beloved former slogan.

It’s Party Time – Six Flags New Orleans

While Six Flags didn’t last long in New Orleans, the visual of an old, feeble man turning into a dancing phenom will last forever in the minds of locals.

Before You Accept a Quick Check – Michael Hingle

If you ever accept a quick check after an accident, locals can believe Michael Hingle will come flying down with a wrestling-style elbow to your back for that mistake.

A Gift From Boudreaux’s Jewelers – Boudreaux’s Jewelers

While the Boudreaux’s name may not have the impact of some of the other local jewelers, it does scream born in New Orleans… and that says it all.

That’s a good truck – Dubb Herring Chrysler

Cars, and trucks, and campers! Oh, my! If a local has ever kicked the tire of a vehicle you can rest assured this commercial has popped into his or her head. (aka Paw Paw’s Camper City)

Our Business Stinks – River Parish Disposal

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and to locals, this memorable piece making light of a “disgusting” industry is pure gold.

You’re the one – A-1 Appliance & Electronics

While the letter A and the number 1 find themselves atop their respective groups, this catchy little diddy helps shoot this familiar brand up among some of the most memorable slogans in New Orleans.

Honorable mentions:

• “When fry’n call Bryans.” – Bryans United Air Conditioning
• “The family of New Orleans.” – Whitney Bank
• “Everything Checks Out Better.” – Schegmann’s Supermarket
• “Let us PEEP in your pipes.” – Pipes “R” Us Plumbing
• “In a wreck? Need a check?” – Michael Brander
• “At The Beach” – Pontchartrain Beach
• “It’s all diamonds at Rrrrramseys.” / “Noticeably better diamonds. Obviously better prices.” – Ramsey’s Diamond Jewelers
• “Cha-Ching!” – Rally’s Hamburgers
• “I’m Dealin’” – Deal’N Doug’s
• “Thrill her at Hiller.” – Hiller Jewelry
• “When You Don’t Know The Law.” – Anthony Taormina
• “Our name says it all!” – Best Chevrolet
• “Put the Womac on ’em.” – Edward Womac Law Firm
• “Extreme audio to go.” – Mobile One Auto Sound
• “One Man Stands Tall.” – Chip Forstall
• “Crystalize it.” – Crystal Hot Sauce
• “The Cellular and Paging Store.” – Radiofone

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