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A fresh set of eyes — that’s what HEROfarm offers.

We’re here to give you a new perspective that may be hard to see while you’re in day-to-day operations. We are the extra arms and legs to free you up while we bring new ideas to the table. You already how to run your business. Rely on us to help build your success.








HEROfarm is a New Orleans-based marketing and public relations agency with a simple philosophy:

Do great work for good people.™

Advertising can be beneficial and impactful for the viewer when it is paired with a client who has a good mission. We understand when you add value to a person’s everyday life you do more than just sell a product; you create a lasting relationship of goodwill and a connection that goes far beyond sell-buy-consume.

Our goal is to help evolve advertising into something people don’t run from but applaud. Simply put, we want to do our part in making the world a better place. Join us on the journey.

Universal Accreditation Board - APR - Accredited in Public Relations
Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Alumni
#DoGood Network certified

The Farm

Reid Stone, HEROfarm Marketing & Public Relations

Reid Stone


Reid moved to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina to help with the rebuilding effort and be a part of one of the greatest comeback stories ever told. After earning stripes at an advertising agency while working with clients such as Louisiana Economic Development, New Orleans Convention & Visitors Bureau, and the Louisiana Superdome, he then marched his way through a nasty little recession with the mission of bringing marketing a little attitude and even some conscience.

With experience that includes two years of SEC football, a stint in New York, and an exile in Panama, Reid is dedicated to bringing utility to advertising and actually providing value to customers on behalf of brands. The book he plans to publish in 2024 is tentatively titled Relevance is Elephants.

Shaun Walker, HEROfarm Marketing & Public Relations

Shaun Walker

Creative Director/Founder

Shaun has fathered tons of imaginative ideas over the years. Thankfully none of them have asked for any monthly support. Born and raised in New Orleans, he returned to his hometown after Hurricane Katrina to help rebuild and be part of a defining generation. He amassed his student loan debt at the University of Southern Mississippi where he obtained an expensive piece of paper declaring he had earned a degree in advertising.

Shaun is the pickiest person you’ll ever meet. Although that can sometimes cause problems like when deciding what to get him for lunch (turkey sandwich), it’s a quality that clients crave when seeking top-notch work. Shaun loves to write. He and the written word usually get along, though they sometimes fight, often disagreeing as to whether Y is really a vowel or not. He writes, the words help create, and together they make statements.

Jason Taix, HEROfarm Marketing & Public Relations

Jason Taix

Art Director

Jason attended Southeastern Louisiana University in Hammond, Louisiana, and later moved to the University of New Orleans where he perfected the ancient art of Design-Fu – an all-encompassing mind, body, and spirit approach to being wicked-awesome. His years of study and skills proved a godsend when HEROfarm came looking to expand their Guild of Marketing Mercenaries (the GuMMies).

Jason’s varied skill-set proved the perfect complement to their unique and creative marketing and advertising team. Jason is a lifelong Atlanta Braves fan and caffeine addict who can be found drowning his design woes in his daily POT(s) of coffee. Never content with the status quo, he continues to widen his portfolio of super awesome skills with new technologies and design trends, always hoping that the next leap will be the leap home.

“You have to be a little crazy…”

You have to be a little crazy to be in the advertising, marketing, and public relations industries. You have to be even crazier to want to work in it.

Our team at HEROfarm is an eclectic bunch of do-gooders who have an odd sense of humor, a creative spark, and an unquenchable ambition to change the world.

The creativity grown on the farm is a testament to the incredible relationship all the workers here have. When HEROfarm was founded, we decided not to name it after the founders, but after an idea, that was bigger than any one person. It is an idea there is a hero inside of us all, that goodness grows naturally and it just needs to be cultivated.

“In seeking happiness for others
you find it for yourself.”

We truly believe “In seeking happiness for others you find it for yourself” which is why our experience over the years has geared up toward making it our mission to give back — and both current and potential clients see that. They know we are about more than the bottom line and trust us more with their hard-earned money.

HEROfarm is the common, uniting goal that everyone here works toward for clients, the world, and ourselves. True success comes when everyone focuses on the bigger picture and here, the bigger picture isn’t just about doing your job — it’s about doing your part and trying to change the world for good.

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