APPrehensive Branding: Should Your Business Build a Loyalty App or a Loyalty Program?

APPrehensive Branding: Should Your Business Build a Loyalty App or a Loyalty Program?
Despite some solid drag-and-drop systems out there, apps are expensive to create, whether in money, time, or both.

I don’t care what your Zoomer says, you do NOT need a loyalty app. But – don’t confuse a loyalty APP with a loyalty PROGRAM. ‘No’ to the first. An emphatic ‘yes’ to the second.

Website cookies are going the way of the dodo and a recession is looming — again. Logically, execs steering the ship are panicking and hear the siren’s call, “We need a loyalty app.”

You don’t.

HEROfarm has successfully built and managed several apps over the years for a number of clients in different industries. Here’s the low down.

Despite some solid drag-and-drop systems out there like BiznessApps, apps are expensive to create, whether in money, time, or both, and only work as well as their FULL-TIME manager who will require the bandwidth to constantly update it with useful content and updates. (Think of it as a new product.)

Are there exceptions to this? Absolutely – games, events, and high-inventory shopping apps.

Is your brand one of these? Probably not.

Keep in mind, 21% of apps are abandoned after the first use. So, if you’re looking for a quick burst of media coverage with an app launch, you “may” get it along with a few downloads if it’s free. Your customer will receive a reminder of the brand each time an update needs to be made through the app store and you’ll have the ability to send ‘welcomed’ push messages that will quickly be silenced.

Is a loyalty app right for your brand? Apps have become a mainstay for consumers and an effective way for brands to engage with them. That being said, the fight rages on to keep users coming back. Long-term retention has improved quite significantly over the past few years, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that apps are succeeding in the short term. 25% of Users Abandon Apps After One Use.

Psychologically, an app makes your brand the focus rather than the customer. The data on that small group is useful but is it more valuable than the customer’s peace of mind?

Instead, optimize your loyalty PROGRAM and your mobile website experience. It’s less intrusive, less expensive, and customer-centric. When a customer provides their phone number or email address at the point of interest or purchase, reward them. A discount, an invite, or an opportunity will ensure your customer returns.

Of course, define their brand journey from awareness to action to reaction (your Google profile, your SEO, your web presence, an email thanking them, a discount if used within 7 days, a referral incentive, a text letting them know about a freebie, and so on.)

The customer’s journey 100% involves their phone and your mobile website experience, just not as an app.

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