Portfolio tips for procrastinating design and advertising students
Congratulations! Your college graduation is right around the corner. If you’re like many students in graphic design or advertising, you have a sense of panic growing faster than the national debt. Why? It’s likely because that all-important portfolio showcasing your work to potential employers consists of a folder… just a folder… well, and whatever stock...
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Reinventing The Legacy Macy's Brand in a Modern Retail Landscape
Macy’s, a legacy brand, is in the spotlight with a recent $5.8 billion private bid, signaling potential changes beyond its iconic status. However, the focus may not be on the brand itself but rather on its valuable real estate. Let’s delve into the reality of this bid and the creative possibilities it holds.   Real...
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SmileDirectClub's Spectacular Fall
Anticipated this development… SmileDirectClub, once a disruptor in the dental industry with its revolutionary 3D-printed teeth aligners delivered straight to consumers, has morphed into SadDumbfoundedCustomers, succumbing to bankruptcy. In a mere span of a few years, the company, once valued at $8.9 billion, finds itself drowning in a staggering $900 million debt, leaving scores unemployed,...
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Social media is a world all of its own. Here are Tips for Cracking the Code of Social Media Engagement from HEROfarm Marketing and Public Relations in New Orleans - Social Media Tips for Businesses
Ever had a post go as viral as Aunt Mildred’s accidental salsa dance at the family reunion? Yeah, us neither. But let’s face it – the unpredictable world of social media is like a digital circus, and we’re all trying not to get hit by flying pies. We’re not here to brag about our aunt’s...
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Why Your Selfies Will Make History - A young woman in the 1800s taking a selfie much like a modern woman.
The funny poses you’re doing in those Instagram pictures? Yeah, your great-great-grandmother probably did them, too. Don’t believe me? Check out Awesome Mirror Selfies Taken by People Much Cooler Than You in The 19th and 20th Century. They just didn’t call them selfies, and were kind of limited by the technology at the time for...
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