10-Step Checklist - Holiday Marketing For Your Business
Is your business ready for the holidays? If you haven’t started thinking about how your business can drive sales and engagement this holiday season or just need a few tips, we’ve put together a brief checklist to help with your holiday marketing.   First, consider what your goals are for the holiday season: Sales Brand...
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10 Essential Tips To Prepare Your Business For The Busy Season - HEROfarm Marketing and Public Relations New Orleans
After a typically slow summer season, many businesses ramp up as the school year starts back and booming holiday seasons quickly approach. Is your company ready for the transition to more business? Don’t get caught off-guard. Use the remaining slow time to prepare for the busier season. Here’s a checklist of 10 business maintenance and marketing tips to...
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Why Brands Need to Let Go to Gain Control: The Shift from Media to Wedia
Brands are at a crossroads. They arrived years ago — many didn’t realize it.   The world that brands knew transformed almost overnight. Consumers had met them at that intersection and said hi, but without much meaningful exchange kept on moving while many brands sat and tried to figure out what language they were speaking....
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If you’re a business owner in a hurricane-prone area, you’ll need more than sandbags — you need a business hurricane plan. The six-month-long hurricane season traditionally running from June through November has sneakily soaked into May and December, giving more opportunities for your worst customer to visit. Creating a business hurricane plan in addition to your...
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APPrehensive Branding: Should Your Business Build a Loyalty App or a Loyalty Program?
I don’t care what your Zoomer says, you do NOT need a loyalty app. But – don’t confuse a loyalty APP with a loyalty PROGRAM. ‘No’ to the first. An emphatic ‘yes’ to the second. Website cookies are going the way of the dodo and a recession is looming — again. Logically, execs steering the...
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