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Brian Wilson Texas Law Hawk
The “Texas Law Hawk” is making waves with loud, wild commercials. In outlandish spots mixing the spirit of Old Spice, ridiculousness of Powerthirst and patriotism of The Colbert Report, lawyer Brian Wilson has caught the eye of the public and gone globally viral in a matter of days. The spots are so bad/awesome, they may...
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Pepsi Perfect to hit shelves
On October 21, 2015, Pepsi will release a new limited edition soda, “Pepsi Perfect”, as seen in the film Back to the Future Part II. The 16.9 oz. bottle, which will retail for $20.15, is designed to look like the one Marty McFly orders while in Cafe 80’s. Pepsi plans to release Pepsi Perfect online in a...
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Peanuts Movie - Peanutize Me Character Generator
If you’ve ever imagined yourself being in the world of Charlie Brown and friends, you can now actually see what you’d look like there. As part of build up to the upcoming animated “Peanuts Movie” set to open in US theaters on November 6th, you can use the character generator to make “Peanuts” character that match your physical characteristics and...
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Google introduced a new logo on Tuesday in what it says is its biggest redesign since 1999. Making the announcement in a blogpost, Google’s homepage also introduced the redesign with an animation that wiped away the old logo and drew the new one. The company said the redesign, which includes a sans-serif font and slightly toned-down four-color...
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When something on social media goes viral it’s often due to the controversy, real or perceived, surrounding it. The significant attention it brings can vault a non-story into a national headlining exposé. Case in point: A sorority at the University of Alabama has taken down a recruitment video after receiving criticism from a writer with...
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