Working just for the sake of completing a task may finish the job, but does it provide any added value other than checking it off your to-do list? If not, what’s the point? There will always be more work that needs to be done, and once it’s done there’s another assignment ready to take its place. Why not make it meaningful? If you’re not trying to change the world for the better or having some kind of positive impact on it, all you’re doing is taking up space.

We formed HEROfarm with a social mission not only to help us break away from the old way of doing things and stand out, but also because we wanted to make a difference. A cornerstone of HEROfarm is to do at least one campaign per year pro bono for a non-profit, as well as work with clients who have admirable missions of their own.

Here are some publications that have featured us on corporate social responsibility:


Inc  Forbes  WWL  Unite 4 Good magazine - HEROfarm - Shaun Walker & Reid Stone

 Read-Write  BND  SNHU  WWNO

Marketing-Sherpa  Manta-HEROfarm  Joycott


Who We’ve Worked With

Here just some of the many groups we have worked with over the years
as we try to do our part in making the world a better place.

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