New Orleans Restaurant Roulette – COOLINARY


Ready to #TapTapEat?

Residents and tourists unsure of where to hang out with their taste buds are regularly overwhelmed by the avalanche of dining options in the New Orleans area. Fortunately, we’ve devised the perfect solution just for Coolinary: Restaurant Roulette.

Click on the video below to find out which New Orleans restaurant the dining gods think you should visit next. Once you find out, click here to get more information on the restaurant and all the others participating.

Coolinary (August 1-31) is a campaign where restaurants in the Greater New Orleans area come together to offer great dining deals that allow you to experiment at new restaurants and old favorites you haven’t tried for awhile, such as two- or three-course lunches for $20 or less, three-course dinners for $39 or less, and other offers.

The next time you’re looking to indulge your palette in the finest flavors of the Crescent City but aren’t sure of where to go, give our Restaurant Roulette a go. You win with every spin.

Bon appetite. #COOLinaryNOLA – #TapTapEat


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