#DontMancriminate campaign fights for male gender equality


It’s said you can’t keep a good man down — unless of course you’re trampling on his rights for equality so says Indian online lifestyle magazine Maggcom.

In a controversial move, the publication recently launched an online campaign called #DontMancriminate, which aims to promote equality for men and women alike, with the emphasis on men.

According to the website:

By saying don’t mancriminate it doesn’t imply that you support the women injustices any less but just that you are in favor of men injustices too […] Why should men have to give up their seat if they see a lady standing? Why should he have to hold out a door for a lady passing by? Men don’t get free entry in clubs. Men, unlike women, don’t get periods (yes don’t be so ashamed of it girls, you do that!) and so men can’t work their way out of the problem saying they are PMSing. Men certainly do not get the sympathy votes. Why should men not cry? Why should men do the heavy lifting? Why not girls?

Maggcom even developed promotional mancriminate pieces for the campaign to help highlight these “social injustices” that modern men must deal with on a regular basis. Oh, and forget that they probably used pictures of several actors without their consent.

After a wave of criticism flooded social media, Maggcom responded with a follow-up piece defending the campaign, saying:

Well the fact that we have indeed touched millions through this campaign, proves that this is not a joke and if serious measures are not taken at the right time it would become really hard for Men to be able to survive in Women dominating society […] So here we are, taking a stand for Gender Equality for all. Treat everyone irrespective of their gender, let them be themselves, do not prefer one over another and then maybe we can hope to reach a really neutral society for all of us to live in.

Was #DontMancriminate created just to get attention or is it pushing male gender equality as a legitimate issue that needs to be addressed? What do you think?

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