Rachel Mullen


Rachel Mullen


Rachel MullenBehind The Mask:

Who's ready? I'm a New Orleans native with a deep love and appreciation for the people, local companies, the community and most importantly its culture. I love food, music, wine, imbibing, socializing, traveling, projects, challenges, and making things happen. I'm positive, imaginative, creative, very organized, hardworking, mostly punctual, honest, loyal, and hilarious. I understand the importance of building and maintaining relationships. I'm adaptable to situations; whether I need to be serious, hospitable, or entertaining. I have great personable and communication skills.

Seeking: Full-Time

Location: New Orleans, LA

Experience: 1 Year

Specialty: Creative


  • Sommelier
  • Marketing
  • Events
  • Motherhood
  • Food
  • Hospitality
Favorite Superhero: Batgirl

My Superhero Name: Blondie

My Superpower: Using sunbeam like powers from my blond hair to defeat evils.

Website: http://www.billoffare.com

Committed to the #DoGood Pledge?: Yes

DoGood Network 2017 Badge*Not an employee of HEROfarm. Available for hire.