3 Simple Ways Your Business Can Handle Negative Online Reviews

Someone somewhere is talking about your business right now – for better or worse. When researching a company, the majority of people tend to believe online feedback — particularly negative reviews even if the information is completely false — as well as the number of stars given and word-of-mouth over anything a business says. In […]


What if All Businesses were from New Orleans?

New Orleans is as unique a brand as you will find anywhere. But what if that spirit found its way into the taglines of some of the world’s biggest companies? Look below to see what we imagine their taglines would look like if some major companies were born in New Orleans. What’s your favorite? Let […]

Evicting Creative Block from Your Head

10 Ways to Evict Creative Block from Your Head

  Uh-oooooga. Uh-oooooga. Dive. Dive.   Has your creativity sunk faster than a submarine carrying Kayne West’s ego? You’re not alone. Thousands of people across the globe take a trip to Ivegotnothingville every day to visit the world famous Creative Block. Quite often people can’t come up with ideas because they’ve either become set in […]

Mardi Gras Parade Name 2017

What’s Your New Orleans Mardi Gras Parade Name?

Ever wonder what your own New Orleans Mardi Gras parade would be named? How about your signature throw? Grand Marshal? Now, you can! Just match your initials and birth month to get rolling with your custom Carnival 2017. Then tweet us @herofarm to let us know what you get. Try the online version: Click Here!