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Give Greater by HEROfarm - 6 Alternative Holiday Gifts with Substance, New Orleans Style

6 Holiday Gifts with Substance, New Orleans Style

Everyone wants to give the perfect holiday gifts. But how many gifts make much of an impact after the wrapping paper is long gone? We’d like to suggest a few ideas for giving that have far-reaching effects. If you’re stuck trying to figure out what to get someone, here are a few local, alternative gift...
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Good Karma Slot Machine - HEROfarm New Orleans Public Relations and Marketing

The Good Karma Slot Machine – Quick Ideas For Doing a Good Deed Today

The holiday season often brings out the best in all of us. But why can’t that feeling last longer than the holidays? The great thing about doing good is that it doesn’t demand the passing of a law, you being a celebrity, or understanding quantum physics; all it takes is a little determination… and an...
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Portfolio tips for procrastinating design and advertising students

8 Portfolio Building Tips For Panicking Design & Ad Students

Congratulations! Your college graduation is right around the corner. And if you’re like many students in graphic design or advertising, you have a sense of panic growing faster than the national debt. Why? That all-important portfolio showcasing your work to potential employers consists of a folder… Just a folder… Well, and whatever stock papers that...
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Classic commercials in New Orleans

15 of The Most Memorable Ads in New Orleans

Every business wants their name to be top of mind with consumers, and some strike marketing gold by creating simple slogans, jingles or ads that resonate with the public — sometimes against all logic. Below are just a few of the most memorable ads in New Orleans, some older, some newer, and not in any...
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What if All Businesses were from New Orleans?

New Orleans is as unique a brand as you will find anywhere. But what if that spirit found its way into the taglines of some of the world’s biggest companies? Look below to see what we imagine their taglines would look like if some major companies were born in New Orleans. What’s your favorite? Let...
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3 Simple Ways Your Business Can Handle Negative Online Reviews

Someone somewhere is talking about your business right now – for better or worse. When researching a company, the majority of people tend to believe online feedback — particularly negative reviews even if the information is completely false — as well as the number of stars given and word-of-mouth over anything a business says. In...
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Why Your Selfies Will Make History

The funny poses you’re doing in those Instagram pictures? Yeah, your great-great-grandmother probably did them, too. They just didn’t call them selfies, and were kind of limited by the technology at the time for opportunities to share them and the only “likes” they got were if they were brave enough to show the print to...
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8 Easy Tips To Create Your Business Tagline

So, you’re looking to create a tagline for your business and figure it can’t be that hard, right? I mean, look at Nike. They came up with “Just Do It” and it’s now one of the world’s most popular and recognized taglines ever. Unfortunately, “just doing it” typically isn’t as easy as it may seem....
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NFC Championship: It isn’t about Missed Calls. It’s a Wakeup Call.

It isn’t about missed calls. It’s a wakeup call. This has been a long time coming for the NFL. No, I’m not talking about the no-call in the Los Angeles Rams-New Orleans Saints NFC Championship game. I’m referring to the reckoning of a supercilious league that swells year after year as TV deals expand, revenue...
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