New iPhone App Transforms Your Videos with 1 Click


In today’s social media obsessed world the need to stand out is constant. Just about everyone embarks upon an endless scroll in search of something that catches the eye, and as more people join more social networks the competition for attention skyrockets.


That’s where the new iPhone app Mixatron comes in, a brainchild of highly popular Funny Or Die, Inc. Mixatron is a hilariously creative app that helps users deliver content to not only catch eyes but hold them hostage.


Mixatron transforms videos


Taking video apps a step toward professionally edited quality, the app allows users to upload or record multiple video clips and turn them into movie-like compilations. Users can choose from a variety of filters, even some “do it” encouragement from Shia Labeouf. Throw in the options to add music plus other effects and you’ve given your video a near box-office ready makeover.


As of now, choose from nine custom filters to add a unique style to your videos:

– Gangsta
– Party
– Comic
– Hotness
– Dubstep
– Old Timey
– Pixel
– Do It
– Epilogue


Even the simplest footage can become highly entertaining. Imagine using the “party” filter on a video of a room full of students taking a test. Those once silent and focused students will now look like a promotional ad for a nightclub.Or maybe you just want to enhance footage of baby’s first steps—how about turning it into a photo shoot? Once the masterpiece is finished, you can share it directly to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, text it to your friends, or save it to the camera roll.


The Dubstep Filter


Businesses can take advantage of Mixatron by effortlessly creating brief promotional videos. This convenience proves the app is not only fun but also efficient. Users and companies can also contact the Mixatron team with new filter ideas that promote their brand, turning the app into a new platform for potential advertising.


Released on June 2, 2016, Funny or Die continues to regularly update the app with new effects and more filters for more options. Keep an eye on Mixatron as one of the next most popular apps, coming to social feeds near you.



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