#RIPTwitter: Steve Martin… King Tut… from 1978… are… Trending?


#RIPTwitter is trending and so is comedian Steve Martin’s SNL skit about “King Tut – from 1978. The latter is proof that the former should die… At least in its current form.

Elon Musk has entered formal talks to acquire Twitter and it has angered some. Are there reasons to be apprehensive? Sure. Change is never easy, but the leadership at Twitter has allowed the ship to steer off course.

All tweets relating to Steve Martin this morning were in defense of the skit and its relevance (ie, context) to the King Tut museum experience which toured the United States at the time. Not a single negative or angry tweet could be found at the time of this post – a fact noted by several users who observed the same. Thus, it was a “nothing burger” of a story promoted by either an admin or the “algorithm?”

But before you #DeleteTwitter, the app is and remains the “town square” or “teletype” of the Internet and serves a vital purpose in real-time communications even if it needs a rework.

NOW is the time for brands to jump back into the Twitterverse IF it fits your brand’s persona and #communications model. Think of it as a second chance to make a first tweet impression.

Watch the full King Tut skit: https://youtu.be/FYbavuReVF4

Hear Elon Musk’s takeover reasoning: https://youtu.be/cdZZpaB2kDM

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