Wondermall: The Shopping App for Brands Breaking Out of Brick and Mortar


WondermallAmerica’s love affair with shopping malls began in 1956, when the nation’s first fully-enclosed mall, Southdale, opened its doors outside Minneapolis. Between 1956 and 2005, about 1,500 malls were built. But our infatuation with them has faded and our love changed. No new enclosed malls have been built since 2006.*


The rise of the internet and high-tech smartphones, which hastened the popularity of online shopping, created an opportunity for businesses to connect with consumers in new ways. This evolution of consumerism has led to Wondermall, an iOS app that brings this generation’s idea of a mall right to a person’s fingertips.


Instead of crowding a person’s smart device with dozens of individually branded apps, Wondermall all the stores they love into one. It also makes shopping easy and convenient, with 100+ stores like Guess, Old Navy, and Walmart on hand, and finds the best coupons and deals they offer.


Wondermall app


How does the app work?

Wondermall functions as most other shopping apps do. A consumer chooses a store, finds products she loves, adds them to her cart, and hopes they are in her price range at checkout. If it’s not, she can add the item to her “saved” list instead of adding it to her cart. The app then will alert her when a saved item has dropped in price or a coupon is available for use.


The overwhelming number of stores can be filtered through your “favorites.” This feature makes shopping easier and also allows the app to concentrate on providing better deals and coupons for a customer’s frequently visited stores. Although shipping price varies with each store, consumers love the app’s convenience and money saving features that may not be available at brick and mortar versions.


Wondermall also rewards consumers for every purchase made by using a point system. For every dollar you spend on a purchase you receive a point. Collecting 100 points equals one dollar off any store within the app.


How do I get my business involved?

It’s simple and easy. Brands can potentially be featured in this virtual mall by emailing the creators of Wondermall about becoming a partner of the app. Your store would be placed among other stores and brands. It also allows consumers to compare products and easily find your store. The app’s feature to find the best coupons encourages customers to purchase items and always leaves them wanting more. If consumers are impressed by their finds in your store, they may share with others, add positive reviews, and create some of that incredibly important word-of-mouth marketing for your business.


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