meet the team: alycia vs the world


Alycia The HERO|farmer

Behind The Mask: I do a little of everything at HERO|farm. They say jump and I pull out the trampoline! I love being involved and wondering what will come next—If it’s that one big thing that changes the world, HERO|farm will make that happen!

On the Headset: M.I.A.’s Paper Planes is my jam! It makes me feel like I could rule the world. #VictoryIsMine

Superpower: I secretly want to be a deep sea photographer. I love the water and its wildlife, as well as photography, so why not combine them all?

Kryptonite: Jim Beam is my #1 man. Add a splash of coke and you’ve got a soul mate…No idiotic comments and he keeps me warm at night.

Publication Addiction: Health & Fitness Magazine is my favorite read. Books are too much of a commitment and I’m a little bit of a fitness freak. I workout every day and am super picky about what I’ll eat. I wanna be a bad mamma jamma!!

Utility Belt: I CAN’T live without blonde hair dye. There’s an amount of power that comes with being a blonde. Once you go blonde, you won’t go back!

Mountain To Climb: Becoming a medical missionary – Bring vaccinations, food, and education to third world countries.

Claim To Fame: Receiving a leadership scholarship to the University of Southern Mississippi. Someone wanted to pay me to go to their university…Done.

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