Shaun Walker Tosses Whiskey To Reid Stone Upon Realizing It’s Monday


Matthew McConaughey and Brad Pitt looked like they had a great time in New Orleans this past Saturday. Mondays, on the other hand, can be a little tougher but still just as much fun.

HEROfarm’s Reid Stone was at work on Monday brainstorming
outside when he noticed someone across the way.

Reid Brainstorm
Who? Oh, it was just HEROfarmer SHAUN WALKER standing
on the balcony across from him, brainstorming, too.
Shaun Brainstorm
But then Shaun thought Reid might need to think of some crazier ideas.
So he tossed Reid a gigantic bottle of Woodford Reserve whiskey.
Shaun Brainstorm 2
And then Reid enjoyed that whiskey (see, whiskey in hand) to the taste of
several additional crazy ideas. Oh, yeah, and HEROfarmer Jason Taix was there, too.
…And then everything was alright, alright, alright in the brainstorming world.
Brainstorm Alright

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