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Client: myPhoneMD

Item: myPhoneApp Store – Louisiana’s First Real-Life App Store – myPhoneMD’s new interactive location is putting a new twist on how consumers choose their smartphone applications with a “try it before you buy it” approach. Visitors to the new myPhoneApp Store now have the opportunity to “try before they buy” by downloading, testing and playing any app of their choosing on in-store devices. The testing is free and so is the guidance from mobile technology experts.

The myPhoneApp Store aims to create an interactive, social atmosphere that reduces buyer’s remorse, eliminates anxiety that comes with learning new technology and connects users with free expert advice. To give the real life store even greater appeal, the center will concentrate on raising awareness for the growing local developer community by keeping the public up­-to­-date on their latest creations and other local applications.



myPhoneApp Store 2

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