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We’re always digging into something new at the Farm, and this is what we’ve come up with:

The Utility Belt is our chance to share what we find in the latest in business technology, creativity and strategic thinking. Each short segment centers around a common theme and offers strategic analysis, interviews and tools for busy business leaders—in plain English.

We aim to filter the fast lanes of business into relevant and entertaining podcasts to be heard at your speed while demonstrating how it affects your daily life and ultimately makes you more successful.

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The Utility Belt Executive Brief:

Podcast 1 – The Free MBA + Marketing Through Teaching

Tools for teaching yourself and teaching others about your business

Section 1The reading list.

The website, list of reading material and their network

Two books we highly recommend (not found on the list) especially for those in communications fields:
“Hey Whipple, Squeeze This.” by Luke Sullivan for creative writing and “The Perfect Pitch.” by Jon Steel for delivering effective presentations.

Section 2For you auditory learners.

“Free: The Future of a Radical Price” by Chris Anderson

iTunes Link to Anderson’s book

Section 3For you visual learners.

“Physics for Future Presidents” course by Professor Richard A. Muller of UC Berkeley

The Course found on “YouTube U”

MIT Open Courseware

Open Yale Courses

Stanford University’s Channel

Section 4Teaching others.

Make your presentations and sales kits available to the web

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