Take a Look At Yourself and Make That Change ~ Michael Jackson


So what are the odds that Farrah FawcetDavid Carradine and Ed McMahon are having it out spiritually with Michael Jackson for stealing their thunder? Then leave it to Billy Mays to arrive late as the mediator and try to clean up the mess.

Admittedly, I’m not much of a Michael Jackson fan, but I do like several of his songs and may or may not have moonwalked to the refrigerator this morning. With his passing, radio stations across the world have been playing his songs non-stop. While driving around one day I heard one of his songs that has a deeper meaning for me than any other.

Back in college at my fraternity house, there’s a memorial room for one of my fraternity brothers who died about ten years ago in a cliff-diving accident shortly after graduation. His name was Chris Morgan. I didn’t know Chris, nor did I ever meet him. I just saw pictures and heard stories, but through secondhand accounts I know he was a standup guy who many, many people loved.

So what’s MJ got to do with Chris? Simple. Man In The Mirror. This song was one of Chris’ favorite tunes. After Chris’ sudden departure, his fraternity brothers wanted another way to honor his memory, and what better way than to wake up with Michael Jackson? Well, one of his songs—not him in your bed.

As a lasting tribute to Chris, whenever fraternity members have to get up early, such as for a philanthropy or community service, they are awakened to MJ’s Man In The Mirror blasting through the house’s sound system. Honestly, I was mad the first few times it woke me up at 7 a.m. I didn’t really know the song nor its significance. But it’s a great way to start off a day and I’ve grown to really admire the song’s soulful message. It’s powerful and meaningful. As a matter of fact, it holds the sentiment that HERO|farm was founded on: doing your part to make the world a better place.

It’s sad that it usually takes a tragic event to get us to slow down, reflect and remember what’s important in life. Chris may not have been as widely known as Michael Jackson, but he did enough every day to have a big impact on people and they both put forth a message of hope. Now it’s your turn. Let’s help make the world a better place—today. Little actions can make big difference. Like the song says, “You gotta get it right, while you got the time,” so here are some simple things to help you get started:

• Make at least one person smile every day.

• Be thankful for each new day—and show it.

• Make at least one person, every day, feel good about themselves.

• Never turn down those who are truly in need.

• Be the first to say hello.

• Do your best without expecting anything in return and often you’ll get more back than you ever could have asked to receive.

• Encourage others.

• Be the optimistic one. Negativity doesn’t help anyone, especially yourself.

• Never forget to say thank you.

• Give back, even when nothing has been given to you. People remember most those who do the unexpected.

• For twenty seconds every day, hold each person dear to you—tight.

• Do more listening, less talking.