Netflix & Fulfill: Learning from The Brand’s Crackdown on Password Sharing


What can we learn from #Netflix‘s new strategy to stop password sharing and increase profit?

1) Freemium models are dangerous
If you “purposefully allowed” your users to share your product for free, warning them later that you’re going to “crackdown” and possibly penalize them for the practice you allowed just ain’t gonna fly.

2) Stop telegraphing your moves
Business is a battle. Yes, you have a responsibility to your shareholders (of which I am no longer one…thanks for that kick in the pants). But a business could easily AND QUIETLY implement a crackdown with a multiple-user logout process in a gentle way that might actually entice the freeloadin’ ex-girlfriend’s father to start paying…like before the earnings report.

3) Stranger times deserve Stranger Things
When you have 2 of the most sought-after shows in the world, use them. Your release date could be moved up. Your actors could speak on your behalf. Your Demogorgon could show up in other content. Use the tools at your disposal.

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