April 27, 2022
Netflix & Fulfill: Learning from The Brand's Crackdown on Password Sharing
What can we learn from¬†#Netflix‘s new strategy to stop password sharing and increase profit? 1) Freemium models are dangerous If you “purposefully allowed” your users to share your product for free, warning them later that you’re going to “crackdown” and possibly penalize them for the practice you allowed just ain’t gonna fly. 2) Stop telegraphing...
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Screw It Let's Do It - Planning Your Public Relations
Planning your public relations and content/blogs/social media in 60 & 90-day cycles can help you make waves on less-celebrated holidays. This helps make your brand the most noticed in the room. Here’s a peek at what’s on our radar. Let us know what we missed! UPCOMING 2022 EVENTS: 4/27 Administrative Professionals’ Day 4/28 National Superhero...
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