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Rockin' 1000 viral video - Foo Fighters Learn to Fly
Dave Grohl has promised to bring the Foo Fighters to Cesena, Italy after a video showing 1,000 musicians in Italy performing the group’s “Learn to Fly” in unison went viral. An organization named Rockin’ 1000 brought 350 guitarists, 250 singers, 250 drummers and 150 bassists together for the Cesena spectacle, which racked up over 20...
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Dr Walter Palmer hunts down Cecil the Lion
How quickly can something go viral? If you kill a beloved animal, you can count on it being faster than a bow arrow can fly. Dr. Walter Palmer is literally all over the web after he hunted down a well-known lion named Cecil in Zimbabwe. You have probably seen this instantly famous image flooding your...
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Dead raccoon takes over social media
The strangest things tend to go viral on social media, so it’s not too surprising when a dead raccoon is elevated to news coverage. On July 9th, a dead raccoon lay on the sidewalk in Toronto for more than 12 hours before the city’s animal services finally scooped it up to take it to a better place. Before...
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Facebook Updates Controls for News Feed
A perennial complaint from Facebook users is that they don’t have much control over what appears in their news feed, the main flow of posts on their Facebook homepage or app screen. The social network’s mysterious computer algorithm analyzes thousands of signals, then spits out what it thinks you want to see based on the...
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Dyslexia Font example
Fonts are already known to cause emotional reactions but can they be used to recreate the frustration of being dyslexic? That was the task final year design student Daniel Britton set himself after being diagnosed as dyslexic and realising that his friends and teachers couldn’t appreciate what it meant. The font, in which he removed...
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